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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm bob riddell. lightning strikes a jumbo jet, forcing it to return. we'll take you live to sfo coming j coming. violent weather leaves people dark. we'll give you an update. storms still on the way this morning. how about this for a show in the sky? lightning striking out in the east bay. >> take a live look outside. city by the bay this morning. oh, yeah, also it's friday the 13th of april. >> here we go. >> this is today in the bay.
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good morning, everybody, on this friday the 13th. it's now 4:30. i'm john kelly. >> and i'm laura garcia. we have storm coverage. christina is in the weather center tracking the latest developments. but first let's check in with bob riddell. he's out on the road this morning. how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning to you. last night there was a 777 taking off from sfo when it encountered these types of images. it's highly unusual. and one of those bolts actually ended up hitting the airplanes, forcing it to not go to london but to make an abrupt return here. all 258 people onboard were okay. they did have to ground the airplane and make sure that there was nothing wrong with ichlt that flight should be
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taking off a little bit later today. another flout inbound from germany, frankfort. it was coming in and hit by lightning twice. our own diane dwyer was on board. this is what she had to say. >> we saw the lightning from the ground. we were watching from the air. it was pretty spooky, i have to say. bam, it got hit once. the whole plane shook. a minute later, bam again. i talked to the flight attendant. she said at this point the plane will be grounded, they'll check it all out for any electrical problems. >> reporter: now, the faa did issue a ground delay program. that was in effect from 6:30 to -- last night to around 2:00 this morning. that meant that roughly 60 flights were canceled. and even though that ground delay program is over, that means there will be possibly more delays today. we're talking about ranging from
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30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. so if do you have any business at sfo, you will want to plan accordingly. just driving up here on 101, i've got to tell you, a lot of rain, especially on peninsula, wondering how long it's going to last. that's why we have meteorologist christi christina loren. >> we're talking 750 lightning strikes overnight. in addition to the lightning, small hail. we have a lot of areas flooded out this morning. you want to give yourself plenty of time. chances are you're awake this morning because the thunder woke you up. we're not out of the woods by any means. we have some pretty active weather headed toward san dlar rah in the next six minutes. you can see the strong line, showers and thunderstorms headed over in 14 minutes. it's the south bay that will continue to get slammed in the next half hour or so.
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as you know, we've got a big game in san francisco today. will the game continue? we'll let you know. i'm going to send it back to you two. >> thank you, christina. >> no shocker here. busy throughout the night. lightning striking and knocking out power to thousands all over the bay area. >> we're joined by jan morris from pg&e on the phone. how busy are your crews? >> we're very busy. [ inaudible ] so we have about 720 customers out. they lost power between 6:25 and 10:00 p.m. last night. we hope to get -- >> we're getting a lot of tone feedback. if you have a television on, maybe lower it if you can. you know what? we're going come back to you in just a little bit until we get
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that annoying tone out. it wasn't you, jana. it was a lot of feedback. take a look at the incredible pictures. take a look at this. the photographer said the lightning was so bright at one point it just lit up the entire neighborhood. we've also got these beautiful pictures of the lightning bolt on the bay bridge. beautiful. they're taken far away. one of our viewers still in the groove. thanks, bill. he shot this from his condo in san francisco just north of the bridge. what a view he's got. bill said he used a 20-second exposure to capture that shot. >> it looks like something out of a science fiction movie there. well, crews in san francisco laying out sand bags in the mission district trying to protect against all the flooding. we first showed you the block f ofsoof folsom street. it created a big mess inside
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homes and businesses. it's the kind of flooding that's happened before. public works spent millions of dollar in sewer lines in 2008 to prevent that water system from overflowing. the owner of the stable cafe says he may have to leave the neighborhood that he loves. >> i thought today for the very first time i may not be able to go through this again, which means i'll have to move. that's a beating. >> clean upcrews will be back out there this morning. the stable cafe says it's been forced to close up for several days. and, of course, we'll continue to update you and we'd like to hear from you. if you have any photos or videos from the storm, feel free to send it to newstips @nbcb newstips news from mow decemb from m.
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deputies say the man had been holed up inside the apartment for 12 hours before the fire was started. he said he was upsetting being evicted and shot two people. one was 53-year-old robert paris who was served the eviction notice. he was a 16-year veteran. the fbi and s.w.a.t. teams continue to surround the complex. the suspect is a military veteran and nearby homes are still evacuated. it happened since early yesterday. a civilian was also killed in that shooting. this is the other story here. the family of a berkeley man -- i guess we're going to move on. another strange twist on the alameda supervisor. it was sent to the reporter
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mercury news. the message was her husband state treasurer supplied her with drugs for years before she wound up in rehab. now, when the reporter checked in with lock year, she said her accounts had been hacked by her former lover and the e-mail was merely fabricated. the treasury's office denied ever supplied drugs to anyone. state regulators are letting the fish & game commission off the hook, at least for now. the fair political practice commission sending dan richards a mere warning letter after he violated the state's 4$420 gift limit. he accepted a hunting trip worth $700. he came under fire for posing with this dead mountain lion. mountain lion hunting is banned in california. today is the day dedicated to the spooky. today the house bell tower will
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toll 13 times at 1300 hours at 1:00 this afternoon. it's in honor of sarah winchester who had an obsession with the number 13. 13 bats in the house -- what are you laughing at? >> these are tears of fear. >> starting at 7:30 tonight, dare you go? they'll off flashlight tours for an extra eerie experience. >> i wasn't worried about coming to work until i heard that story. >> have you ever been there? >> no, i have not. maybe today would be the day. let's check in with christina as we check in on friday the 13th. >> can you imagine hearing the thunder inside the mystery house? we still have active weather. no joke, you want to have time to reach your destination safely. chances are it's not the thunder that woke you up. we had a good area to listen to all across the bay area.
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no matter where you are, you probably heard the thunder all the way from san jose to santa rosa, reports of thunder. people are saying that they have never heard this much thunder in the bay area, people who have lived here all their lives. what we're reporting now, a better situation. it's still rather active. it will be for the next few hours. it's going to get better. the situation is improving. however, your drive will be nice and slow this morning. we've got areas of ponding, puddling across areas across the board. 11:00 a.m., getting some sunshine at that point. we might still have a few isolated thunderstorms rolling through the bay area. we stop the clock for you between 11:00 and 2:00, a nice area of drying over. san francisco. you're going to get about three or four hours of drying before that game starts and maybe a couple of showers rolling other at&t park throughout the game. but, hey, i don't think it's going to get called. maybe a delay and that chance is
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also diminishing. 54 degrees by noon. you'll finally be able to lose that umbrella later on today between about 4:00 and 7:00, and tomorrow we're going to get the sunshine. we'll talk about that when we get to the seven-day in my next report. let's get to your drive this morning. now i have a good bit of information for you this morning. we don't have any major crashes. but we do have a mud slide to tell you about. highway one, common scenario. mud slide blocking the northbound lane and that will likely be the case as we head through this morning, so we're going to keep you updayed on that. otherwise, let's take you live to the bay bridge. traffic is moving fine, but that camera is also moving. it has a pretty good shake to it. 55 miles an hour from time to time. you want to take it easy. friction over the water, and you can get caught by a strong gust. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, christina. >> double duty, christina.
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once again we'll touch base with pg&e. >> that's right. we want to check in with jana morris from pg&e. thanks for checking in with us. any storms similar to what we're experience and when do people expect to have power return. >> we have about 720 customers impacted. whoep to get those customers restored between 7:00 and 10:00 this morning. obviously our crews are used to working in weather conditions such as the ones we're experiencing right now, so, you know, although it is a challenge, you know, they're good at what they do, so they're used to dealing with the weather we experience here in california. with that said, there are several small outages throughout the bay area, and that, you know, itself is something that we are dealing with and trying to get as many customers restored as quickly as possible.
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one thing, if you don't mind, that i'd love to stress, is because we're skpern experiencing several outages where wires are down, we do want to emphasize that customers treat those power lines as live. simply because, you know, that is such a safety hazard and we want to make sure that the people around those lines keep their loved ones, family, pets, everyone away from them and notify emergency officials immediately. >> wonderful advice because that can be such a deadly situation there. and you never know when a line is live, so i guess the best idea is to call pg&e. >> always stay clear. >> exactly. we appreciate you joining us. better numbers than we had seen in the past. 720 or 40. they hope to have power restored after 7:00. 7:00 to 11:00. >> absolutely. jana morris from pg&e.
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we move on. no, it wasn't what north korea had in mind. it ends with a big-time failure. what the u.s. is saying about it this morning. >> plus big news for google shareholders. the company is splitting its stock, but it's kind of a complicated arrangement. we'll explain how it works. here we go. the giants get set for their home opener today.rom the crkballbaparom hellom rk coming up in minutes. up
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welcome back, everyone. united security council is meeting today to talk about the north korea failed rocket launch. it ultimately exploded just minutes after takeoff and fell right into the yellow sea. north korea says the rocket was carried a weather satellite in orbit, but the u.s. and its allies calling it a provocative act, and, they'll, of course, keep an eye on north korea. experts believe they have not mastered the technology yet. good news for google investors, but it comes in confusing way. the mountain view searching company is going to split its company 2-1, sort of. it's going to launch another
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stock. every shareholder will get one shir of stock for every share of google stock they own. to the rest of our business news we turn to jackie deangelis live at cnbc headquarters. gooderning. >> good morning. the futures are opening lower on wall street. that could be due to the world's second largest economy, that's china, eased the winter. the gdp rate is the slowest growth in three years. the european markets a little bit lower today, and stocks rallied on thursday in the u.s. with hopes for a good earnings season and renewed expectations for a new economic stimulus from the fed as well as other global banks. we're going to get data. and jpmorgan just reported earnings beating expectations on the bottom line. we saw the dow rising 180 points to 12,986. the nasdaq up 39 points to
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3,065. and sales of the video games dropped in march. the fourth decline as sony's handheld device failed to hold much interest. analysts are expecting lackluster sales until may when a few highly anticipated games will hit the market. and prom night is getting more expensive. a new survey by visa finding that families with teens expecting to spend an average of about $1,078 this year. that's up from $807 last year. most of the money is going to finding that perfect dress or tuxedo, but limo rides, professional hair, makeup, shoes -- wow, that seems like a lot of money for a prom, guys. >> no kidding. >> with all due respect, maybe they should spend some of that money on dance lessons, but i digress. christina here to talk about the
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weather. >> we had a crazy system roll through overnight and people were reporting thunder like they've never heard before here in the bay area. the reason why? well, 750 lightning strikes. i'm talking cloud to ground. not cloud to cloud lightning strikes. we're expecting a few more as we head throughout the morning hours, although, i'm happy to report the activity is getting much better. we're seeing a lot of improvement out there. the threat of the weather diminishing as we speak. watch. it stops here. you see all that lightning firing off. that's what came through the bay area, and we had some major reports of flooding, areas of ponding out there on the highways this morning, so just take it easy out there. you'll probably be navigating around some downed branches as well because winds were gusty. we saw the clock on the futurecast getting a little bit of activity down through the south bay. at that point we'll have a little isolated cell in the north bay.
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san francisco staying nice and dry. home opener starting at 1:30. staying dry according to our futurecast. there's chance for a few stray showers to head over to at&t park. you want to keep that in mind. you want to see delays. maybe 30 minutes to an hour. i would not rule that out. however, i do believe the game will go on. they're not going to call it, which is good news. go giants. hopefully they'll get another win as we head through the day. 66 degrees by tomorrow. get outside by sunday. lots of sunshine. up to 71 monday. peak warmth, comfortable conditions on tuesday. 4:51. back to you, guys. >> of course. here's the big question today. will all those crazy weather put a damper on the ball game? >> san francisco giants' home opener set for this afternoon. "today in the bay" stephanie chong is live at at&t park with more on that. good morning. >> good morning to you both. still raining, although it's let
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up a lot. as christina mentioned, the game is going to go, rain or shane. it's going to happen. the only thing is if the rain is hitting a little bit later, it may push back the first pitch, which is at 1:35 this afternoon. as usual. there's lots of activity at the park preparing for opening day ceremonies. this year the team is honoring the 62 giants. we're expect willy mays, willie and dave perry. new this year, just in case, there's a sub drainage system typically used on golf courses that would help drain and dry the grass. no home opener has been rained out since the team moved here in 1968. overall, there's only been five games rained out at at&t park. the last one was in april 20066. pretty exciting day for the home opener. gates open at 11:00 this morning. they say get here by 12:45.
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make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. live at at&t park, stephanie, "today in the bay." >> it's playoff time, and the sharks have taken the ice on the blues in game one last night. we're goingcoming up next.s coming up next. [ dog ] i am a pro baller. 11 years playing the outfield, and i got no plans to retire. [ female announcer ] aging may slow a dog down, but iams helps keep dogs playing year after year with our age-specific nutrition.
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well, after taking a ride down to the finish to make the
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postseason, the san jose sharks getting a good start in the playoffs. the sharks in st. louis with the first game against the blues last night. san jose down 2-1, third period. an dry desjardins gets the goal. this one heads into double overtime. that's where ryane clowe tees it up. martin havlat. that, my friends, is the game-winner. sharks take it 3-2. they play in sloouz again saturday before heading back on monday. >> pulling double duty once again. christina loren with the central commute. >> mike's back on monday, fyi. let's start with the pacific. in the northbound lane, highway 1, a double slide. expect some delays through here this morning. there'll likely be alternating traffic here. let's take you live to oakland and show you how 880 is moving this morning. you can see not moving very quickly by any means.
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it's friday. we've got spring break for many students. still want to give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely. we've got areas of puddles ponding all over local highways. and the good news is we don't have any major accidents to report, so we have good drivers out there so far. hopefully you will follow that frie trend. we'll keep you updated all morning. >> thank you so much. still ahead with christina in the bay, we'll have a storm watch around the bay and how it may affect your travel plan. >> of course, you can keep up with the news, weather, travel updates. check outfacebook. facebook. chet out nbc bay area news. we're all there.
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>> reporter: lightning strikes in the sky other the bay area. a plane is forced to return. i'm bob riddell. i'll take you live. i'm stephanie chuang.